About Us

Mission Statement

Levy Realty Advisors is fundamentally geared towards aligning incentives for property managers and leasing agents with the property owners. We believe in performance based compensation and ensuring cohesion between leasing and property management teams so that property owners are treated fairly. Our behavior is guided by the principle that leasing decisions should be driven by the strength of the tenant and the soundness of the deal, not the brokers’ commissions, and property managers should be rewarded for increasing the income and decreasing the expenses, not for the time spent on solving problems.

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Additionally, Levy Realty Advisors prioritizes its search for commercial properties to purchase. After acquisition of the investment, the company takes great care in its role as the asset manager with the aim of maintaining a long-term holding strategy. Our investors rely on Levy Realty Advisors to add value to the properties over time for the purpose of wealth preservation and estate planning.

Company Profile

Levy Realty Advisors was founded in 1977 by Alan Levy and is co-managed with the help of his son, Josh Levy. Together, they have grown the family business into one of the largest privately owned commercial property management companies in South Florida. Each year, the company completes hundreds of lease transactions, consistently acquires several properties, and continues to expand its client base of property owners seeking professional property management services. One of the keys to Levy Realty Advisor’s success is in the business model pioneered by Alan Levy during the 1980’s when he was working hard to prove to his early investors that he would always act in their best interests, as if he owned the properties himself.

No other commercial property management company in South Florida utilizes our unique performance-based compensation model while assigning property managers both management and leasing roles for their respective property portfolios. Levy Realty Advisors, and by extension all of the property managers, are compensated based on the rate of success in both leasing the properties and collecting the rents. The fees charged to the property owners and paid out to the managers is proportional to the rents collected, and if a tenant defaults on their lease obligations, both the company and the managers refund the unearned portion of the leasing commission to the property owner. The result is that leasing decisions are driven by the strength and quality of the tenant, as well as their potential impact on the property, rather than by the commissions, and likewise, collections efforts are balanced between maintaining high occupancy and pushing the maximum rents. By combining both responsibilities of leasing and management under one individual and tying their compensation to the properties’ performance, Levy Realty Advisors is able to align the managers interests closely with that of the property owners.

The success of our business model has proven itself over the decades. Levy Realty Advisors is consistently ranked among the largest commercial property management companies by the South Florida Business Journal, and our clients have relied upon our advisory and consultation services for multiple generations. We have also attracted top talent in the industry to join our staff.

Meet The Staff

Alan M. Levy



Josh Levy

Chief Operating Officer


Lynne H Levy

Senior Vice President


Richard Baker

Chief Financial Officer


Jan Stolow

Executive Director of Management and Leasing


Judith Deveau Montella, CPM

Certified Property Manager/Broker Associate


Loretta Shatto, CPM

Certified Property Manager/Broker Associate


Matthew Jones

Director of South Broward County/Broker Associate


Gina Zapanta

Director of Accounts Receivable and Lease Administration


Kath Lawrence

Director of Accounts Payable


Kimberly Frimel

Assistant Director of Accounts Payable


Wendy Daniel

Property Manager


Haley Presser

Property Manager/Sales Associate


Melissa Presser

Front Desk Administrator


Angie Weaver

Property Manager/Sales Associate


Linda Wollen

Assistant Property Manager


Ruben Furman

Property Manager/Sales Associate


Brittany Barrios

Assistant Property Manager


Judy A. Dolan

Senior Vice President/Broker Associate


Ken Silberling

Senior Vice President/Broker Associate


Giannina Macassi

Administrative Assistant